Wish List Items Desperately Needed

The Rescue is extremely low on housekeeping essentials like paper towel, bleach, Simple Green and other supplies that we desperately need. 

Please consider a gift to the Rescue and check out our Amazon wish list! Each bulk item is under $25! 

Thank you for your support!



Piggie Poo’s Wish List

·        HP564 Printer Cartridges (Black and Color)

·         Toilet Paper 

·         Paper Towels 

·         Copier Paper (Regular, Card Stock and Bright Colors)

·         Simple Green (gallon concentrate)

·         Windex (Blue and Yellow)

·         Toilet Cleaner

·         Bathroom Cleaner

·         Black Sharpies

·         Binder Clips (medium & small)

·         Zip Ties (Any Size/Any Color)

·         Bleach & Bleach Spray

·         Lysol/Disinfectant Spray

·         Sponges

·         Used C&C Cubes

·        Large Fleece 

·         String Mops (Self Ringing)

·         39 gal Black Garbage Bags

·         Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags