Updated 5/15/17

Piggie Poo is going through some operational changes. During this transition, we are not accepting intakes, including returns. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you

If you need help immediately, please contact the Humane Society or rescue groups in California, like Wee Companions and LA Guinea Pig Rescue.

Please consider our Owner Assisted Placement Program detailed below.


Introducing our Owner Assisted Placement Program

In an effort to help our community, Piggie Poo has instituted an Owner Assisted Placement Program. The goal of this program is to match families that need to re-home their guinea pigs with pre-screened families who want to adopt.

If you decided to re-home your Pet, complete our Program application by clicking HERE.

Once we receive your application, we will schedule a time for you to come to our facility, so we can sex your guinea pig and ensure they are adoptable.

After your evaluation, we will use the photos and information you've provided on your application to develop a profile for your Pet. Profiles are posted on, and the Rescue's own Facebook page.

The Rescue will secure and pre-screen applicants who may be a good fit for your Pets.

Once we have found a potential adopter, we will forward their information to you. You will contact the family directly for your own screening and to set an adoption appointment directly with the adopter. 

If the meet and greet goes well, adopt your Pet to the new family! You set all adoption fees, if any, and you make the final decision about who gets to adopt your Pet.

Please feel free to schedule your meet and greet with prospective families at our adoption center in North Phoenix, a safe and neutral environment. You must make an appointment with our staff to ensure space and time at the Rescue. Drop ins will be turned away.