Community Service Projects
Thank you for your interest in helping the animals at Piggie Poo!

While we do offer very limited volunteer opportunities at our Shelter facility, there are many other ways for families, groups and individuals to help us serve animals off-site.

For example:

  • Arianna and her mom Johanna made mason jar cookies help raise funds for our annual Air Conditioner maintenance check up to keep the piggys cool this summer!
  • Girl Scout Troop 1979 earned their Bronze award by making the Shelter resident's comfy fleecy forests and fun hidey boxes called "Poop Factories".
  • Sarah, Janine and Casey hosted a neighborhood garage sale and donated a portion of the proceed to help support the 2014 Peoria Hoarding Case with ACO Denise Brit.
  • The lovely ladies from the group "Girls on the Run" gathered and donated TONS of Wishlist items for the piggys and the Shelter!
  • Hannah and her mom Kelly helped share the love of guinea pigs by hosting an outreach awareness presentation to Mrs. Waage's kindergarten class.
  • Eagle Scout Troop 285 installed insulation on our exterior wall to reduce our electric bill and painted the Caviary to make it look great!
  • Kindy, Andrea and Erin each donated their time and soap to do a load of guinea pig laundry!

Click HERE to register and submit your ideas and interest!