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Please do not trust the health and welfare of your pet to an "opinion" based website like Facebook forums. Please use only trusted sources.

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Feeding Your Pet Guinea Pig:

Housing for Health & Happiness:
The Guinea Pig Social Life:

General Health Care:


Humane Education Matters
As part of our commitment to provide unlimited guidance to the public at large and to ensure the expansion of qualified caregivers, Piggie Poo Rescue is dedicated to providing a variety of educational programs and services to everyone in the guinea pig community.

Humane education helps strengthen the bond of between caretakers and their pets, thereby reducing the number of animals surrender to shelters and private rescue groups.

If you have a general caretaking or behavioral question, please contact our Outreach Community Care Taking Adviser at or text 602-818-1721. Due to the volunteer nature of our organization, please allow us up to 48 hours for a response. It is our pleasure to assist you.

If your guinea pig is sick or injured, 
go to the Vet! 

Do not wait for a volunteer to get back with you! We are NOT vets and time is of the essence!

See our
 contact us page for our Vet referral.