Are solid hardwood flooring right for your property?

Wood soaks in moisture, and both these situations involved moist places. After the moisture dries up, it leaves horrible gaps between the floor boards that appear in the winter once the wood contracts. The openings disappear in the warmer summer months, but the moisture problem remains there to cause more harm. Now you know that you should never lay solid hardwood flooring in damp locations, and you also need to understand that you want to allow for a small space so the flooring can contract and expand. You will find, however, that there is a good deal more you will need to know about hardwood flooring. By way of instance, the wood used for hardwood flooring is ash, maple, red oak, or white oak.

There are three different Types of solid hardwood floorings. The different kinds are:

  • Strip flooring that is involving 5/16 and 3/4 thick. It is available in widths of 1 1/2, 2, and two 1/4.
  • Plank flooring is sold in two different thicknesses and can be between 3 and 8 sides.
  • Parquet floors comprise in patterns using wood slats.

When you speak about a hand-scraped Hardwood floor, you are actually referring to a floor that has been crafted by hand. The process used to generate the flooring leaves it with quite distinctive markings. These floors look great as part of a contemporary world appearance or if you would like the look of old, reclaimed wood. When you buy this sort of flooring, read the labels. Despite the fact that it is called hand-scraped, you will also find engineered versions available on the market. Real solid hardwood Hand-scraped floors are extremely expensive. The engineered flooring is best-suited for concrete slabs and higher humidity. Some companies also manufacture what is called distressed flooring that is intended to resemble hand-scraped flooring by adding mark to the timber. Distressed floors are not as expensive and hand-scraped flooring, but they do have somewhat of the same rich look the more costly hand-scraped ones have.

Maintaining Solid Hardwood Floors

Each flooring manufacturer will include cleaning instructions with the flooring. Simply use the recommended products when cleaning the floor. You could also use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, mud, grit, and stone which can mar the finish. This sort of hardwood flooring harrisburg pa has to be protected with a doormat at every door. Moreover, when you buy new furniture products, steer clear of pieces with sharp wood or metal legs which may scratch or dent your floor. You can use furniture coasters or some other sort of shield under furniture legs to prevent scratching. Additionally, there are wide rubber cups that would not stain the floors available for use on heavy things, like pianos.